Chronos is a development platform of free Hardware and Software. Its purpose is mainly educational; however, the final user is who decides its functionality doing of that an adaptable tool in other kind of applications, for instance, in the industry.

Chronos platform is based on modularity principle, so, it has a Base Board over which it is possible to connect diverse modules like the presented below.

  • MICROCONTROLLER: Any of AT91SAM7S’s family From ATMEL, without include the AT91SAM7S16 and AT91SAM7S32. All are compatible pin to pin.

  • CRYSTAL: Allows the user choose the speed or clock signal of his application. 18.432MHz crystal is necessary for programming the microcontroller via USB through SAM-BA (SAM Boot Assistant) Application.

  • JTAG: Allows programming the microcontroller through JTAG-ICE or JTAG-WIGGLER and using the JTAG boundary scan according with the IEEE 1149.1.

  • PORTSA, PORTSB, ALM1A, ALM2A, ALM1B, ALM2B are available connectors for connecting modules related to the applications directly. PORTS A and B have got digital, analogical, PWM, etc., pins. and ALM1A, 2A, 1B and 2B have one pin to 3.3V, one to 1.8V, one to ground, and one to the source (Battery or USB).

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